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So many things wrong, I'll start with catagories.

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A little over a year ago I hired an SEO company to help with our website and associated Google business settings.

 About a month ago... blah blah blah....We parted ways.


 In the last week I've found so many problems I'm not sure where to start, and since I'm not educated much in these things I'll start with what I think is the worst of it.


Company info: Furnished Apartments Cincinnati

                        7631 Montgomery Rd #1  45236


 G+ page URL



These are the problems I have found so far, I have listed them in the order of severity from my perspective and only listed several in case they are inter-related to fixing another problem.


(1) My biz category has changed from "local business" to "brand page", can I change it back?

      (we have a physical address, sign, office and our customers do come to us. If you look us up

       on maps it shows the end of our drive. Our bldg is down the drive on the left which can be seen

       on satellite view)


(2) I have found three additional G+ pages

     (totally different biz name on this one)


           (The original page we had can not be found, and our business used to be verified) 


(3)   Google my business page says:  Google has suspended your page due to quality issues


(4)  Doesn't look like i even have access enough to make sure this company is not on my            "managers"  list  any longer but from what I can tell they are not.   


I don't expect anyone to have all the answers but if maybe I could get direction on where to start first I would much appreciate it......I'm lost and finding more things that look wrong all the time.


Thank you much in advance,


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January 2017

So many things wrong, I'll start with catagories.

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 Hi @Alan P, wow sorry to hear this. This is a mess indeed. Has the listing ever been suspended before? 


At this point your best option is to reach out to GMB support for some guidance.


Emailing G Support
Facebook and Twitter Support

Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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So many things wrong, I'll start with catagories.

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Thank you Colan for the reply,


 We have never been suspended before, actually never have heard much from Google about anything. All seemed to be going well until I tried to find an "expert" to help with the things that I didn't understand.

Looks like I was much better off stumbling through myself and had my $1000's back.


Thank you for the advice, I will move that direction.