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Site Suspension

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My site has been suspended and I don't understand why. I believe that I'm in compliance but am not sure and want to do what is needed to get properly listed again. 

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Site Suspension

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our clairvoyants are all on a long time strike.

So based on your zero provided concrete information its impossible to help you

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Re: Site Suspension

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Thanks for nothing. You do not have to be clairvoyant to know the two words I’m thinking of about you.
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Site Suspension

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generally, google-my-business accounts are to expose an exact business and
business-address on google-maps that allows users to find driving-directions
to a storefront or similar for a walk-in interaction with the business-owner
or employee, during the posted business-hours, or to define a service-area
from a hidden-address.

more generally, the business name, location, and contact details,
within the website, typically listed in plain text, on a contact-us
web-page, must exactly match the corresponding details within

the google-my-business-account;
- exact business-name, phone-number, and email-address;
- exact business-address that shows a location-pin on google-maps;
- exact open-for-business days and hours for the physical-location;
- exact business-address where paper-mail or signed-receipt mail

can be sent and delivered by a local post-office, and signed for by

the owner or an employee of the business, during business-hours.

individual practitioners such as doctors or lawyers have additional restrictions,
policies, and rules that must be followed -- for example, the practitioner must
operate in a public-facing role at the location and must be directly contactable
at the verified location during posted/stated hours; for example, practitioners
cannot have multiple listings to cover specializations; etc.

suspensions are often due to not following google's location, contact,
business-name, business-type, posted-hour, or walk-in, related rules.

google may suspend a google-my-business listing or account at any time.

to reinstate an account, correct any or all of the related issues --
such as location, contact, name, business-type, posted-hours,
or walk-in, related policy violations, then submit an appeal:

this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members cannot look into any
google-my-business accounts or any related details and can mainly offer

suggestions based on the information posted here within the public-forum.


posting more specific information may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.

see also