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Site Suspended

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Motionz Marketing

1338 South Foothill Drive 


Salt Lake City, UT 84108



My site is suspended while trying to get it verified, i do not have a Google+ since it was suspended

Can you let me know reason why so i can fix the issue


Kevin Lindsey

Site Suspended

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Hi @Kevin L,


Sorry to hear about your suspension. Although I can't read Google's mind and tell you why, the best advice I can give you regarding a suspended listing is to make sure that you have your business information as accurate and up to date as possible. Ensure that you have left as few blanks as possible everywhere that Google has prompted for information regarding your business, (photos need to be uploaded that show either the business at its listed location or the vehicle that your business operates out of if you are a service area business, your address needs to be correctly listed or hidden if a service area business, you need to ensure there are no existing duplicate pages, etc.) Make sure if you have a business website that the information you are providing to Google matches the information listed on that website, as Google will check there when reviewing your request to be reinstated.


Any information you can add or upload that helps validate your legitimacy as a business is helpful when Google is reviewing a page for reinstatement.


Also, this article is a great resource for some insight as to why pages get suspended by Google. After you have gathered as much supporting evidence as possible and have reviewed the guidelines to make sure you aren't in violation, then you can proceed with submitting a reinstatement request for Google to review.