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Sicher Global Solutions Inc

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I represent "Sicher Global Solutions Inc" We have recently moved from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara.

And We tried changing Address on google in multiple ways.

Initially We tried reporting google about change of address just by suggesting an edit on existing address.

And waited for few days but nothing is changed.

Then We created New Biz profile at our new location and got it verified. And reported the old address as permanently closed.  Now when someone searches with our company name  in google it is still showing the old location with permanently  closed tag. We tried changing the biz name of old address but still when some one searches with our office name it is still showing old address. I tried all drop downs, screens, menus  but nothing changes the google search results for our company name, either its or just one it will just show the old location. Now both locations are under my owner ship But Cannot able to change the google search results. 

Old Biz Location:,-121.9925237,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4...


New Biz Location:,-121.9668997,17z/data=!3m1...


Net-Net we need google search results to show our new biz location. And this is impacting our Biz a lot. People are getting misguided by the google search result and going to old location. 


Your help is much appreciated.




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July 2016

Re: Sicher Global Solutions Inc

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Hello @bhogesh b

I guess this is not terribly uncommon. In the future you simply need to update the location address in the verified GMB listing and not create a new listing (though that was the preferred solution a few years ago).

I don't know of any method to help expedite the local Knowledge Panel (LKP) update which is what you seem to be requesting. Usually such updates take 30-90 days or longer.

You might try to claim and update the business information on the major data aggregators such as Express Update, Acxion and LocalEze, a quick search for your business on these sites via phone number produces no results.

Re: Sicher Global Solutions Inc

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Thank you very much. I Missed to see your reply.