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Seeking guidance on best pratice for setting up Google accounts for a group that has 3 businesses

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I have a client who has 3 separate businesses under their one brand name. Essentially I would like some assistance or answers to the following questions:

1. They currently have a Google account for one of the businesses but it is old and outdated and their reviews were not favorable from some time back. Is it best to delete this old account and start afresh or is there a way to delete previously negative reviews? If it is better to delete the previous account and create a new one for the business will this have any repercussions of being found in searches or any other negatives?

2. Is it better to have all 3 businesses under the one Google account? If so, why?

3. Is there a 'best method' practice for setting up a group of businesses so that they each are readily found when searched and their company address and details are viewable on a successful search by company name?

Thanks you and any assistance is much appreciated.