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SERPS image not the one I set as my profile image

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Tried everything. Deleted several photos from my "photos at work" section only to keep seeing the profile photo replaced.


Is there somewhere else that I can set which photo appears alongside my business details in the SERPS?


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April 2016

Re: SERPS image not the one I set as my profile image

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The first thing to check is what image you have selected to show in the results. To do this, head to the dashboard of the business google+ page and look for 'Manage photos' button. In the 'Identity' photos section you should see a menu tab in the top right hand corner. This is where you can choose to show your logo, profile or cover photo in the SERPS. This usually does work, but there is the odd occasion where it will not. Change it and leave it 48 hours to see if anything happens.

I had the same issue so once 48 hours was up, I gave Google My Business support a call and eventually they managed to fix it.