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Right Column Google Search Result

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1. EllieGrid
2. 701 Brazos St. Suite 1616 Austin, TX 78701 but rather not list one!!!!
3. m. 713.705.2897 but want to show business one- w.628.400.7455


Hi! I am trying to verify my businesses Google+ page but when I get the email it says the link isn't working. The end goal is to get our business to show on the right hand column when people google search us. Any advice?

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Re: Right Column Google Search Result

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does it really tell you the "link isn't working" or (as I believe) the PIN
code isn't working
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Re: Right Column Google Search Result

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I know it's confusing but...

Google Plus is, for all intents, dead. What you want to do is make sure that your Google My Business (GMB) profile is claimed and verified. It's a minor point, but speaking the right language is helpful.

Your GMB profile is what appears in the:
- Local Pack
- Maps
- Knowledge card on the right side of the screen, which is what you're referring to above.

I would need more info about how exactly you are trying to get this done, but here's how you can fast track this.

Use this link to get Google to call you back on this. Do it during the day so that you talk to a customer support person from the Farmington office. They will happily walk you through everything and it's surprisingly easy. They are very helpful.

Re: Right Column Google Search Result

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There are two types of business entities that show in Google search; a local business and a brand.

Since you do not appear to have a local bricks and mortar storefront you are classified by Google as a brand.

Getting the Knowledge Panel (the right side panel) for a local business is easy as noted above. If you just verify it in the Google My Business you will get a Knowledge Panel. However since you do not have a local presence and do not sell locally and because your business is internet based, you are not eligible for that Panel. You are only eligible for a Brand Knowledge Panel.

Google shows the brand knowledge panel based on a brand prominence algo. The obvious way to get that is to get a Wikipedia article. That will instantly boost your brand in Google's eyes and they will show the panel. Short of that lots of links to your website and articles at prominent news sources might do the trick but its nowhere near as a linear relationship and can be a long road.