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My client, Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency, Inc. in Santa Rosa, CA has a situation where about 9 months ago one of his employees, Sheila Garza, was testing out how to leave a review. She accidentally left a 1-star review.

At the time she had one of those Samsung phones that were catching on fire so she got a new phone. However, she couldn't, and still can't, remember the Google email address she was using when she left the review. She wants to either remove the review or change the star rating and add content.

For some time I didn't think there was anything we could do about the review. However, I decided to contact Google My Business (twice) and also flagged the review. However, it's still there. You can see Sheila on the company website here, https://lecoeuche.com/about/meet-our-team/


Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency, Inc.

726 Mendocino Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

(707) 526-5222




If you need additional information, both the business owner Jeff Lecoeuche and Sheila will be happy to provide it.



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As far as I am aware, if she doesn't know what email address she used nor any associated passwords with that one-star wordless review, there's nothing that can be done.  I find it kind of hard to believe someone would set up an email without remembering it...  Not only that but Google also advises that employees aren't to leave a review, maybe that is something you can contact Google My Business about, stating that she violated the Terms of Service by leaving a review...