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Reviews have disappeared from Google Plus

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A client of mine, Dr. Stanley Hopkins lost half his business due to one hateful Google Plus review posted by someone named 'SLW Pivot', who just joined Google Plus to post the negative, untrue review.  I work with Dr. Hopkins and contact his patients to ask for legitimate reviews we can post on Dr. Hopkins' websites.  Since he's a urologist his patients are all in their 70's, 80's & 90's and can't get on Google Plus to post their own reviews.  They are so old they don't even use the Internet, smart phones, etc.  I received many positive reviews from his patients, posted them on his websites and then posted the same reviews on Google Plus on behalf of these elderly patients that can't get on Google Plus themselves.  These are legitimate reviews.  I have posted five reviews so far and they all have been removed by Google, but the SLW Pivot review is still up, even though SLW Pivot doesn't appear to be a real person.  I understand Google's policy on this regarding posting on others behalf, but this policy is discriminatory towards the elderly who cannot get online.  What do we do?  Please help!

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November 2015

Re: Reviews have disappeared from Google Plus

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Hi Christopher

Unfortunately Google's policy is Google's policy, and it doesn't make allowances for someone's age or ability to get on Google.
By all means post the reviews to his website, but posting them to his Google Local page is a no-no, and they will be taken down.
As far as the bad review goes, if you're certain it is not a valid review then flag it. Also have Dr Hopkins respond to that review in a professional and courteous manner, and perhaps indicating in the response its credibility is suspect. Since the review has been up for as long as it has, it is unlikely to be removed by flagging it now. But leaving it unanswered helps it look credible.
At some point, one of his patients wasn't in an age bracket that prevented him from leaving a review about how appreciative he was of Dr Hopkins' services - perhaps there are more patients like him.

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Re: Reviews have disappeared from Google Plus

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Hi Margaret, Thanks for your quick reply. Really appreciate it. Dr. Hopkins has just posted a reply to the negative review so that should be helpful. In the future he will try to be more engaged on Google Plus. Thanks again, Christopher