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Reviews for a Brand Page

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I am trying to work out how I can get my clients to leave a review no my brand page. On the backend I can see a review section and I have checked the settings to make sure it is viewable to all users. However when I look at my brand page I can't see anywhere for people to leave reviews. Is there any way for people to leave reviews on a brand page?


I will eventually set my business up as a local service based business but I am moving interstate in two months so will not bother doing this until the move is complete.


Any insights? I'm surprised I can't find any info on this online.

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Re: Reviews for a Brand Page

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I think I've just found the answer here:

I'll leave this post up for anyone looking for the same info but I have discovered that reviews cannot be left of a brand page and the tab I thought was for reviews is actually for reviews that I have left on other people's page. I only feel mildly foolish ;)
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Re: Reviews for a Brand Page

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Right a brand page cannot have review. Only Local Business and Service are businesses can. The review you are talking about are probably the review the business page has made.
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Re: Reviews for a Brand Page

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@Ben F

Please read in the thread @Gareth B linked in his answer my last post over there:


qouting the main part below:



Brand pages are not completely excluded from the reviewing feature.
They indeed can't GET reviewed.
Getting reviews is possible for local pages ONLY.

But brand  pages can WRITE & POST reviews (creating them under the account (aka "authorship") of the business)

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Reviews for a Brand Page

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I'm unable to see the all number of reviews on google map,,,

its showing 25

while we got 30 reviews