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Reviews Tab is Missing

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Our page is not showing a reviews tab, nor can anyone go to it and leave a review. It is a verified business page. Can anyone help?

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Reviews Tab is Missing

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Hi @Timothy A!


The design of Google+ pages has been recently updated and, with this new design, reviews are now stored under the associated Google Maps listing and Google Search Knowledge Panel instead.


You do have the option to click "Back to classic Google+" from your Google+ page where you will see the classic view that includes the Review panel. However, in my experience, the "back to classic" option isn't consistently offered on all Google+ pages for all viewers (e.g., you may change it to classic view for yourself, whereas others who visit externally may not have this option when they visit).  


Here's a support article re: What's changing with Google+


When you click, "Back to classic Google+", you'll see the following warning: Heads up! Classic Google+ is going away soon, but you'll still find all of your stuff on the shiny new Google+. Since the classic Google+ option will be discontinued in the future, I recommend focusing your review gathering efforts by directing your customers to your Google Search Knowledge Panel.  


Here's a link to the Google support article, Create a link for customers to write reviews.  There are also a lot of new Google review link generator tools on the web that you can use as well.  I typically use the following:


Let me know if this information helps or if you have any other questions!




Reviews Tab is Missing

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you are mkistake about the "reviews tab" of a listing.

It is there only (and intended to show) such reviews the business made it self against other bsuiness.


The review tab (if there is one as in this rare examaple will neither show the reviews the business got from customers nor will this review tab allow to write reviews by happy or frustrated customers.

Its jusr showing the review the business wrote about an other business (in the case I linked to the business "")

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile