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Reviews Not Showing Up

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Hi, I received 2 separate emails from google business saying that 2 different people rated and left reviews on my business.. But when I clicked on the link in the email, it said there had been no reviews, logged into my business app, same thing, no reviews.. 


So I got one of my recent customers to leave me a review and she rated me 5 stars, got the same email, but low and below it still says no reviews.. What's the problem??? Why aren't they showing up?? It been a few days now, is there a minimum you have to have before they show up??


can I email google about this??

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Re: Reviews Not Showing Up

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Hi @AshlynBenta


Message are sent automatically when a review is posted.


If they are not showing, then they have been filtered for some reason. You can ask the reviewers to check their account and reviews, to see if they have been flagged by Google, to modify and resubmit.


Some of the reasons a review is Filtered.


The person deleted the review

The person deleted their account


Other reasons:

URLs in reviews
The same review appears elsewhere online (Yelp, a testimonials page on your website etc)
The person who wrote the review is a manager of your G+ Page
The person who wrote the review works for you
The person wrote the review from the same computer/IP Address that you sign into to manage your local listing
The person wrote the review from the same IP address as other users who left you reviews
The person tried to post a review for you several times on different dates (Ex: they wrote one August 5 and it got filtered so they tried again on October 10)
You've been collecting reviews in mass within a short time frame
All the people reviewing you are clicking on a link from an email signature
The person reviewing you has also reviewed multiple other businesses with the same name (if you have several locations and they reviewed all of them)
The person reviewing you has a completely blank G+ profile and has never had any activity on that Google profile before or after they left you that review.
You hired an SEO company to post reviews for you
You have an onsite review station (Ipad, Computer etc) at your location
You have literally no reviews anywhere else online but tons on Google
You are offering incentives for people who write you reviews.
Your # of reviews is abnormally higher than most businesses in your industry


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Reviews Not Showing Up

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SO I am just starting to pick up some speed with my business and a customer did a review on me on Facebook that showed up but when she tried to review me on Google apparently it's being filtered. Maybe she has no previous actions with google reviews or something. What can be done to get her review to actually show online?

Reviews Not Showing Up

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