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Review removal not working

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Westminster City School

55 Palace Street



Google Reviews is not working effectively for our "business".


1. Our "business" is a state school and our "customers" are children and their parents.

2. We would prefer not to have any reviews at all as we are not really a business in the strictest sense of the word. Nobody pays for our service it is free.

3. We now have approx 40 reviews mostly from current pupils having a personal rant about their school experience, about how rubbish the school is and how unfair it is to get a detention or that the teachers are horrible etc.

4. Most of the reviews have been set-up using anonymous accounts.

5. Some have been set-up using other pupils names.

6. Some of the reviews have named other pupils or staff accusing them of various things one being racist for example.

7. We cannot respond publicly to any of these baseless reviews posted by children.


I would like to know how Google suggests we respond to a slanderous review from an 11 year old child?

I would like Google to require some sort of verification prior to being able to post such hateful or inaccurate reviews.

I would like Google to remove reviews which call teachers and/or the school racists and flagged by the school as inappropriate.


It seems to be a racket where I have to spend significant time and resources on Google Adwords to direct potential parents away from seeing bad reviews which you won't remove. Please hurry up and sort this hell-hole of a system out Google. Its not good enough.



would like to know how Google is planning to