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Restaurant Menu link is incorrect on google search

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 Full business name: Paradise Creek Brewery

Current Business Address: 245 SE Paradise Street. Pullman, WA 99163

Business Telephone Number: (509) 338 - 9463

Paradise Creek Brewery Google+:


Hello All,

I have encountered a problem recently with some misinformation on google which I cannot seem to fix. When searching for Paradise Creek Brewery on google, everything seems to be in order except for the link on the right-hand side of the page which says "Menu:" As illustrated below:


When I click on the link, "" it brings me to a website which is run by "" and it shows a menu which is very outdated and is starting to cause problems with our customers who think they are coming in for something totally different. Here are two screenshots of the page it links to.

locu 1.PNGlocu 2.PNG


This page has correct business information, in terms of Business Name, address, and website, however, the photo displayed is about half of a block up the road and doesn't contain the Brewery's Building at all, and the menu information is far outdated.


As you might see, at the top of the page, it gives me the option to claim this page and customize it on Godaddy GetFound. Godaddy GetFound would then require us to purchase another subscription in order to manage the page in GetFound/ We will not be purchasing any additional services to be able to fix this misinformation provided by Godaddy.

Is there any way we can get this link changed to something which we can manage? Such as our own menu page on our website? There is no option in google My Business or anywhere else that I can find. Thank you, any information is appreciated.

Restaurant Menu link is incorrect on google search

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Hi Jonthan,


I'm curious if you were ever able to solve this problem, and how you solved it. We are encountering the same problem with a business. Any insight would be helpful.


Thank you!