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Request a review from my customers

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 My business name is Green Home Solutions in Roanoke, VA. 540-339-3212


I am trying to increase my reviews with my customers. I ask them for Google reviews and they simply search for my business and review Home Advisor, organic page, Angieslist, etc. 



My customers are mainly the older generation and trying to explain to them to click on the Google maps location, Plus page, etc to write a true Google review is proving difficult. 


I recently purchased a new truck and received an email from the dealership the next day with a link to review them on Google. When I click the link, it pulls up the Google search results, but it also pulls up the review box so I can easily submit a review. 


Here is the link that populates when I click the review button in email:


Here is a screenshot of the email, plus the results page:



How have they done this? I can't find the solution anywhere online. 







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Request a review from my customers

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Hi Brian!


Your link would be:,


I did a Google search for your business, saw your listing, clicked "write a review" and then copied the link that appears in the address bar.


Re: Request a review from my customers

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Thank you Ashley! Apparently the reason I couldn't get that link is becuase
I reviewed my own buisness and I couldn't access that link. Thanks, can't
believe I didn't think of that.

Request a review from my customers

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this URL should work


Test it.


You could also create a Google Shortener  adding the above URL in so you get a shortener URL which can track how many times it is clicked, and if the Actual destination URL ever needed to be changed, you would just change the Destination URL in the Shortner, so you can keep the verbiage the same ( with the shortener URL) on any material you give to customers.


Google Shortener


Re: Request a review from my customers

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Hi @Brian B


If you want to do code it yourself, then this is how you go about creating a direct link for business reviews.


There are also some generators in there, but best to create it yourself as you never know when Google will change a parameter that breaks the generator link.

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