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4.8K members online now
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Request PIN Issue

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  Full business name  - New Wood Tech
2. Current business address - 7250, Keele Street, Unit # 85, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 1Z8
3. Current telephone number - 4164771188 
4. Google Maps URL -,+Concord,+ON+L4K+1Z8,+Canada/@43.787249,-79.497802,1...
5. Website (if applicable)  -


Hello Team,


I received an email from Google My Business saying, " Welcome to Google My Business 
Congratulations! You're one step away from activating your business on Google. Simply request your unique PIN and we'll post it to you for free". 

After 2 or 3 days later when i click Request PIN button that took me to a new page saying that your page has suspended due to quality issues.

Can you explain this or can you please direct me. I am having so trouble to register with Google My business. I have been trying this for several time. Please help me. Please find attached photos.



New Wood Tech


Screenshot 2017-07-06 11.34.47.pngScreenshot 2017-07-06 11.35.36.png


Request PIN Issue

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Is the location a manufacturing location? You mention you have a seperate showroom for the public and trade. The showroom as it is a store front with opening hours can have a GmB listing woth its address showing.

For the Brand which you have you could set up a Google+ Brand page instead of the suspended GmB page you are setting up in error, and will not be allowed. And set up a website to promote the brand. You could have a page for the showroom there, includung its own phone no, business name and address. The added location name on the website page will not show in the search result, even if it needs to be the web address you put in your Edit screen.

Request PIN Issue

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one sim Recharge bill. Deleted after Recharge & Bill Post in. Canyou ple