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Hello, I need help, I'm an international photographer, I use to owned a studio in chicago, but due to my schedule, and simple fact that i'm constantly on location, I do not have a "Business Address" my old studio address is listed, but I want to deleted because  I guess at Google is spying and they locked my account because I'm no longer there. The weird thing is when I wanted to delete the address, I was not able to do so, they insist on physical address.  And it's not easy to delete the address of my old studio.   I'm a young female, I refuse to provide my home address, I have had a stalker, my work is remote, and my home is a HOME. Im a bit puzzled why google wants all this information, it is almost violation of individual privacy, there are business on Twitter Facebook Insta  and one more million other social media copy cats (one of them is google) they were search engine .... now they want it all ... who in the world uses Google+ unless Google forces you to?  


Being a photographer I want to use google business simply because I love being creative with my photos, but do I really need to put down some sort of physical address?  When I'm on the plane almost 24/7?  Please help me understand what to me is Russian spying technique.  And violation of my privacy.  


At the end if I have to give the my address..  there are so many great business platform Twitter may be one of the best.  I'll pass on this Google's arrogant idea that in today's day and age every business has a physical address. 


Is anyone else working remotely? If yes, how did you deal with Google's request for "specific location". 


Thank you kindly 

-sylvie karina bouvier