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Relieve Me of Drug-Related Label/Tag

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Referred here by [Google Expert] @Dan B at 4:40PM on 12/20/2016, from the AdSense forum (!msg/adsense/_qHlP02T4Fc/...).

I require that whatever inaccurate "drug-related" label/tag has been applied to my business (Foundation for Industrial Hemp Production & Research) be removed, and that any penalties being weighed up my business due to such a factually incorrect labeling also be removed. 


It is understood that even after the label is removed my site may still suffer penalties using ad services due to systemic inaccuracies in Google's algorithm and information, this has been thoroughly explained and repeated by multiple representatives.

For this reason it is out of fear for whatever further penalties be weighed that we do not desire to transact business with Google (and in no way to "force" Google to do business with us), until at least a time when our business may be treated equally and fairly, without ignorant condemnation from Google representatives or baseless convictions of criminality.


My preference is not to provide my address in the public forum, in case any disgruntled representatives feel they should take their crusade to the next level, but my phone number is +1(727)271-9916 and G+ url is:

Didn't even realize this until I tried just now but if I Google "Foundation for Industrial Hemp Production & Research Google Plus" my page is nowhere to be found. Pretty specific search terms huh? I have a screenshot somewhere of my G+ on the first page of Google results for the generic search terms "industrial hemp" when I first started it and now it is vanished. I'll have to look for that screenshot, I know I took it because I was both proud of myself and surprised at the same time.

This label/tag needs to be removed, there is no debate.Google 1st Page.JPG08/2015screencapture-google-webhp-1482272941819.png12/2016screencapture-google-webhp-1482272958264.png12/2016screencapture-productforums-google-forum-1482268892628.png12/2016

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Relieve Me of Drug-Related Label/Tag

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Hi Dan

Sorry, there was a lot of information in this post - can you please put down in point form the issue you are experiencing with your local listing?


Thank you.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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