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Reclassify a business from a "store front" to a "service area"

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"Houston, we have a problem..." 


I have a client who sells chemicals wholesale.  His business activities consist of meeting with customers at remote sites over the phone.  Because of this, he maintains no office, per se, and works out of his home.  He has several warehouses where he stores the chemicals he sells.  When he signed up with Google, he mistakenly chose to classify his business as a store front, using the address of one of these storage facilities located near his home as the business address (109 Pearl St, Shillington, PA 19607).  When customers "Google" his business, the Google car view associated with this address is not very flattering.  It really does not do justice to the caliber of business he performs. 


I suggested that he change the classification of his business from "store front" to "service area." to reflect his mobile instead of fixed business activities.  I tried looking through all the set up options on his account and could not find any place to do that.


As a last ditch effort, we tried changing the address of his business to a Piscataway warehouse (1776 S. 2nd St. #1 Piscataway, NJ 08854) where he rents storage space.  The Google car image is more amiable than the Shillington location.  This address is already registered with the firm that owns the warehouse.  When tried to change the address, Google suspended the account.                 So................................................


1.  I need to know how hard and just what is entailed in unsuspending his account and,

2.  I need to know how he can change his business from a "store front" to a "service area" so no Google Car picture appears when the information for his business appears in the Google search results page.


Thank you Mission Control.

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Reclassify a business from a "store front" to a "service area"

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@Victory Virtual T


here you can learn how to create Service area listing


My recommendation would be to deleted the suspended listing from the dashboard and then to check whether or not the business of your client is eligible at all.

Its eligible only in case the client meets his customers in person.

Having a kind of phone service or shipping service or similar then it isn't eligible for a local listing (regardless with a store front or as a Service Area Business)

The client should then consider creating a brandpage

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