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Receive notification when "suggested edits" are available for review?

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I have a client that has recently started receiving 3-5 "suggested edits" every day. With over 60 locations, clicking through each of these locations every day to check on "suggested edits" is extremely time-consuming. Is it possible to have email notifications sent to the business owner when there are pending "suggested edits" available for review?


Also, all of these "suggested edits" have contained incorrect business information, so understandably the client is worried that this information will eventually populate into the listings if she doesn't either approve or deny the suggestion.

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Receive notification when "suggested edits" are available for review?

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@Caleb R Unfortunately they come in as they are made. The managers/owners of the GMB listing get these suggested edits. The edits should be checked for veracity. 




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Re: Receive notification when "suggested edits" are available for review?

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Thanks Ben. I know our situation is unique (many of the 65+ locations in
the account have been receiving 3-5 suggested edits each day; logging in to
all of them each day takes a while). I was hoping for a simple solution.
Thanks again!

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