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Rebranding and vanity URL advice

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I wanted to quickly ask some advice on a Google+ business brand page I support. My problem is as follows:

1. In the past 12 months a vanity URL has been set up
2. This brand has recently rebranded and the vanity URL can no longer contain any mention of that old brand

I therefore need to either:
1. Update this vanity URL again, which I hear isnt possible?
2. Transfer all followers to a new Google+ brand profile, which again I dont think is possible?

Therefore, does this brand need to simply start again and just delete this old profile?

I have the added complexity that there is YouTube account associated to this old Google+ profile. If I delete this old Google+ profile then I believe all video content will be lost also!

Any advice on the above out be a big help.

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April 2016

Re: Rebranding and vanity URL advice

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Hi Michael, the custom URL of my business page as you wrote is set once. Anyway you can try to ask GMB support team for help by reaching them here
I guess this is nothing new that companies change names and maybe it's a matter of contacting them.