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Question regarding My Business Profile Photo and Cover Photo

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Good Morning Everyone,


I have a question abount adding Profile and Cover Photo's.


I read through what I could find and it seems like the photo's should be actual images of your business etc, however, this is wbere I am stuck. My business is not a brick and mortor company. We do not have a physical location as we sell everything either online via Facebook or though various Mobile Apps. I don't even have an actual website yet, as I have been having problems finding a service that will allow to use their services as we sell mostly Emergecy Preparedness and Emergency Services Equipment and as part of what we sell are Pocket Knives, which we only sell ones that are legal and that story is for another day, my question is regarding the photo's for our company profile and the cover photo.


Since we do not have a store, and therefore, really nother to put on Google Maps as this is a home based business with no retails facilities, I am not sure what to use as the cover and profile images.  For right now, I used my company logo as my profile image, but I read somewhere that that is a bad idea. I was also going to create a banner logo for the cover image since I don't have a store front to take a picture of and display.


Sadly, I have read through the help files, and there is nothing in them for companies like mine that are strictly "E-Commerce" based.


Can someone please help me to understand what I should use for these images? Would there be an issue if in the meantime I just used my logo and the banner I created? I'm really not sure what to do here.


While it says to add this info in my post, I will add it, but it is really irrelevent to my question.


1. Eutopian Trader, LLC.
2. While the business is registered for the LLC at my residence, I do not use that address for my customers, and I actually have to change that in the Google My Business and have a new card sent. I can not have customers showing up at my house.

The address I use is:

409 South St #1343

Eatontown, NJ 07724

3. 732 779 2841

4. Not sure what my Google Map URL is yet.

5. Our only Website presence right now is Facebook,


I would be greatful if someone could please help me understand what images I should be using since my business is online, and on various mobile apps, and does not have an actual physical location.


Thank you!



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Question regarding My Business Profile Photo and Cover Photo

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If you are an online-only business, you actually aren't eligible for a Google My Business listing.

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