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Pin doesn´t appear in google maps / doesn't appear either by searching its category

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My bussiness is in Querétaro, México Dent Clinic.,-100.4499639,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x...

Is a Dental office and It`s located in Juriquilla, Querétaro.


I have verified my business and, when i click the link from my google my business page, it directs me to the exact location, but when i navigate the map, the spot disappears and i can't find my business anymore. My icon is non-existent.


If i Type the category of my bussines : Dentista en Juriquilla / Dentista en Querétaro (Dentist located in Juriquilla / Dentist located in Querétaro), in the results, my bussines doesn't show up, even if i`m near the business. (& in the map my icon/pin still missing).


I'd appreciate your help.




Pin doesn´t appear in google maps / doesn't appear either by searching its category

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Hi, I did start to reply earlier.


You have an issue because of Googles poor design and programming of the search criteria.


Unfortunately 'Dent' is not a recognised dictionary word so it does not connect to 'dental' in the Category. This is ranking death.


Someone has a business called 'Building Construction and Design'. They chose 'Contractor' as a Category. So they did not rank at all for Construction or Contractor as the business name and category had no match. How ever a search for 'design in location' gave them 4th position in maps! They were lucky and could chose a Category with building in it.


Unless Google have a work round which is permanent you would have to change 'Dent' to 'Dental' in the actual business name and where used all across the web.


No one from Google address the issue I raised before as far as I know.


Try a contact, but they have to accept a business name change if they cannot fix your issue internally.
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