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Photos missing from posts now showing gray boxes with !

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My formal Google Business Page and listing were maliciously deleted yesterday-gone forever. The company that I paid to set up the page and listing handed over all administrative rights to me when I left their company for not following through on promised work and constant mistakes that directly, negatively impacted my business. I thought they were out of the picture and my service was paid for and now mine to handle. Apparently not when they decided to delete my accounts after months of hard work one month before the Holidays.I give this brief summary, as I'm writing now from my Personal/Business page, it's all I have until Google sends my new postcard that OK's me to rebuild my corporate site that we set the shell up for last night and they made sure my business listing was claimed by us. My question:   There are 4 posts on my current page where photos are gone, and there are ! in the middle. I've never had this happen before, worried right now rightly so. I'm still in classic view...can someone this a problem, or should I delete the posts and move forward with new ones and no more worry? I haven't recovered from yesterday yet.


Thank You

Angela Puccio


I hope I can find your answers. First time here.

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February 2016

Re: Photos missing from posts now showing gray boxes with !

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@Angela P


Two remarks please:


I can't help you on your deleted page as it seems at the time being but this page now gives us a 404 error.


In google's  cache there is still some content (including postings and reviews)

But due to somebody (you???) deleted the page from his/her dashboard there is now an unverified G+ page: showing the same reveiws.

This page you can reclaim.

That's all for now to mention

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Photos missing from posts now showing gray boxes with !

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Oh No, I didn't delete my corporate page. My former provider, who handed over administrative rights after I paid them for the set up, and left their terribly messed up business. THEY just 'killed" it last night out of know where. Google said even though I'd been given those privileges and paid etc, they'd seen it done before and where extremely helpful in calming me down and setting up the new SHELL page, until I get my post card which lets me redesign it and start posting again in around a month, way after the Holidays. Any idea why I left that terrible company???

I'm talking about my other page that I built prior to all of the above. It's got my name heading it and my 2 companies below. That's the page with the grey boxes and missing content. You mentioned cache? Not real good with background computer things. I don't need the posts, I can reproduce. Just wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with THIS page after losing my main one.

Thanks for your time,
Angela P