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Past Employee Left Slanderous Review

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I have talked to you for 5 hours wed then you hung up on me,.
Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply
1102 Ganson Ave, Corfu, NY 14036
bobbi jones
BUYER BEWARE!!! the owner is an older ex-biker guy, who acts and sounds inebriated all the time. He is rude, nasty and yells most of the time when talking. His customer service attitude is that thinks he knows everything and that he is always right, his facility looks like a bomb hit it with products being stored outside in the cold weather. Started when we had ordered items from him that kept coming back with warranty issues and they refused the RMA's. We then posted the issue to a merchant forum and found we were definitely not the only people who are unhappy with mike yocina and his nickel city ...see for yourself
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Past Employee Left Slanderous Review

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This is a volunteer forum and not a direct communication with Google. 


The first step in getting a review removed is to determine if it violates Google's Terms of Service. Google doesn't arbitrate truth or personal disputes and only removes reviews that are in clear violation of these rules:


The second step is, if it violates one of the rules above) flag it (when you cursor over the review a flag will appear). See instructions here: 


The problem in this case is that even though you might know that this is an ex employee which might constitute a conflict of interest, it is not clear from the review that is the case. 


Thus it is unlikely that Google will remove the reviews. 


Your best bet in a situation like this is to ask your customers for more reviews to bury what is now a very old review. 


You could pursue a legal strategy through the courts but that is expensive and not often very productive. 


PS As a note I did elevate to Google on the basis that it appears that two different reviews were written by the same person. I wouldn't hold your breath.. Given the situation Google is unlikely to do anything.