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Page suspended! Should I just create a new page?

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Business Name - D&A 24/7 Locksmiths

Business Address - 460 L Street NW, Unit 609 Washington, D.C. (service based business)

Business Phone - (202) 524-1040

Business Website - http://da247locksmiths DOT com/

Business Email -

Google Business Page URL -


So my page has been suspended for about a month now. I've called and emailed Google with reconsideration requests without a proper response. Here's the original thread


My question is this:


Should I just delete the old page (even though it had 13 reviews) and create a new one? 

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Re: Page suspended! Should I just create a new page?

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Good morning Dmitriy'
Is your official business name "D&A 24/7 Locksmiths"? At first glance your listing looks like a spam / keyword stuffed business name. Now Locksmiths especially tend to take advantage of this, they try to alter their business name in attempt to trigger local rankings for keywords or increase clicks to their listing. According to Google guidelines the following are not permitted in a business name:
-marketing taglines
-store codes
-hours (including closed / open status)
-phone numbers
-additional service or product info
-location or address

In regards to your question. The last thing you want to do is create a new duplicate listing. The best thing I could suggest would be to figure out why you were suspended (I can no longer see the thread you've provided) and work with them to figure this out. It doesn't look like your listing is verified anymore or connected to maps either, so I can't even see the reviews you had

Re: Page suspended! Should I just create a new page?

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Thanks for the reply @kyle G

Yes, "D&A 24/7 Locksmiths" is the actual business name. That's the name on the business license.


I meant DELETING the old page completely and creating a new page.


I don't know why that link isn't working. So try this one. If that doesn't work, than here's the original thread pasted below. 


Hi all,


For the past week I've been emailing and phoning with Google reps about a suspended locksmith listing in Washington, D.C.


Business Name - D&A 24/7 Locksmiths

Business Address - 460 L Street NW, Unit 609 Washington, D.C. (service based business)

Business Phone - (202) 524-1040

Business Website - http://da247locksmiths DOT com/

Business Email -

Google Business Page URL -


This is a real business! I've verified it via post card, after the listing got suspended for the 1st time (it's been suspended like 3 times in total), I've provided my business license to the rep that was handling the case at the time. And I am willing to provide (they didn't ask) insurance certificate, re-verify the business address and send my business license again. 


Called and filled out the form via red banner in google business dashboard multiple times and they kept referring me back to Google's guidelines. 


So I went through my site and the listing and made the following changes:


  • City and state removed from the business name in google business dashboard
  • Category changed to only "Locksmith" category
  • All images on the website and showing in photos on the business page, belong to my company. I personally created them!
  • All content is 100% original
  • no malware or viruses detected according to https://www.siteguarding DOT com/ and http://quttera DOT  com/website-malware-scanner

Also deleted all of the following pages:




It's really frustrating to see that my company (REAL BUSINESS), get's marked as spam and suspended while FAKE locksmith listings pop up almost every single week in the DMV area. They dissapear for a a few days and then come back again with 2+ fake listings. 


Can someone please help!?!?!?


Thank you


Quick Update: 

After I called Google today 4/26/16 at around 9AM EST, I got an email from them referring my back to Googles guidelines. No real explanation given, the same old canned response from google. Honestly, their phone support is useless, because they listen to your problem and then simply send you the same email without a proper explanation. 


Update 4/27/16:

Replied to email that referred me back to Google Guidelines with business license, insurance certificate and a description of changes made to website and Google business page (they didn't as for it). How long will it take to reply this time I wonder...

Called to ask why I am getting the same email response from them even though I've made all the changes. Abdul said that the rep (Prakash) will get back to me. But when? and how? Will I be getting that same email AGAIN???


Will update...



10 minutes later after the call with Abdul, I get the email that refers me back to their Guidelines. So I think I finally understand why I keep getting those emails. The rep must send a response to the caller and this is the default response. 


Meaning that I should still wait for my original rep (Prakash) to get back to me and this reply is irrelevant to my situation. 


will update...


Last week on Friday 4/29/16, a Google My Business supervisor called me (she introduced herself as a supervisor). And basically said that she sees that I submitted a reconsideration request and that the advanced (I think she said advanced) team is working on it and I should get an answer by phone or email soon... She said they usually reply within about 2 weeks and I should simply wait.

Page suspended! Should I just create a new page?

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Hi, I am having the same issue. I am a legit locksmith company and google will NOT reinstate my listing. I have read over the guidelines with an account representative doing a screen share and it was confirmed I am complying with their policies / quality guidelines. I have also provided a copy of my business license as proof as requested by Google. Furthermore I don't know what to do at this point because they refuse to give me any reasoning as to why my listing has been suspended and what I can do to correct the issue. It seems like Google is taking down more legitimate company listings than companies oversees and otherwise spamming and abusing their service. Do you have any suggestions?


Re: Page suspended! Should I just create a new page?

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@Infinity L


Please start your own thread providing there all information to understand and investigate your issue
This allows us to keep the forum organized and gives you the attention you need.
This ( ) is our top level Community--from there, you can click into the board title that is most applicable for your issue. Once you're in an individual board, you can click on the red/pink + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to start a new topic.


I will now close this very old thread for new replies

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