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Our company's 1st review isn't showing

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I have read previous posts regarding this issue and still am not able to figure out how to resolve it.  We are new to the google community and just received our first review over a month ago.  I don't believe our client's post violated any policies, nor do I believe our response did.  


1.  Company Name:  Dave & Son Upholstery, Inc.

2.  Located in Ravenna, MI (we don't show our full company address)

3.  Phone:  616-644-3692

4.  Not sure where to find the google maps url

5.  Website:


I am also having difficulty getting our account merged into one.  We had an old email address we used to open up our account.  A few months later we got a new more professional looking email to go with our website.  For some reason Google Adwords thinks we are two different accounts as they keep sending us stuff to both email address.  I am not sure if this is part of the problem or not.  However, we received the review email to our current email address.  Therefore I have reason to believe that shouldn't be a problem.  I also went back to the email to pull up the review our client gave us and it is no longer visible in either account.  I did not delete the review.  Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time!