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Open Hours vs. Walk-in hours

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We have open business hours, but then we have specific walk-in hours. Does anyone know how to include both? For example, we are open 8:30 to 4:30 but then we have walk-in hours every day from 9-11am and 1-3pm.

Re: Open Hours vs. Walk-in hours

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Hi @Test R,


Google's guidelines are to provide the hours that are your regular customer-facing hours of operation for a typical week. So in your example - 8:30AM to 4:30PM. To let your customers know your specific walk-in hours, you'll want to clearly state them on your website since there is not a way to specify on your GMB listing. You could also state these walk-in details in your business introduction, but this is not widely seen to searchers (only appears on your G+ profile). This is the best solution for your business also because your walk-in hours fall within your regular business hours so you aren't turning away potential callers and can let walk-ins that do show up, know your policy and book them a future appointment.


Hope this helps,


Re: Open Hours vs. Walk-in hours

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to add to @Meghan T's answer, looking at Google's Guidelines:

"Certain types of businesses shouldn’t provide hours, including those with varied hours (like schedules for different types of activities, including showtimes, worship services, or classes) and those that operate only by appointment."

The spirit behind the rule, those hours are there to let customers know when they can drop in. If you have your open hours posted, you need to be able to accommodate people dropping in at those times. As long as you have a receptionist there to help people schedule an appointment when they arrive, then you probably aren't against Google TOS by listing the full range of your hours, though look at what Google recommends for certain other industries:

Multiple sets of hours

If your business has multiple sets of hours, refer to these guidelines for particular industries:

  • Banks: Use lobby hours if possible. Otherwise, use drive-through hours. An ATM attached to a bank can use its own separate listing with its own, different hours.
  • Car dealerships: Use car sales hours. If hours for new car sales and pre-owned car sales differ, use the new sales hours.
  • Gas stations: Use the hours for your gas pumps.
  • Restaurants: Use the hours when diners can sit down and dine in your restaurant. Otherwise, use takeout hours. If neither of those is possible, use drive-through hours, or, as a last resort, delivery hours.
  • Storage facilities: Use office hours. Otherwise, use front gate hours.


As you can see, you can only choose one to display in your GMB listing, and when you have multiple hours, across the board it's suggested you use the smaller number that gives people the full experience if they arrive during those times, though it seems like it's more of a suggestion than a requirement, as long as there's someone there to greet people during stated business hours. 

Meghan's right though, whether you show your full hours or just your walk in hours, you're going to need to give more explicit information on your website, and you're probably also going to need to give some training to your receptionist, since Google doesn't give you a way to provide that information up front. 

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