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One business has two google profiles

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Hi, I've made a mistake with my Google business - I know what I have done wrong, but not a clue how to rectify it! Hope the explanation makes sense and someone out there can advise.


Firstly our details which is requested I include:

We are web designers in Derby (address Friargate, Derby, DE1 1DA telephone 0800 6444199), our business name is East Midlands Web Services, our website is and our Google Maps URL is HERE.


And now for my query:

We currently have 15 customers in locations, ourselves being one of the 15 . When we first listed ourselves into the locations a few years ago we set up the basics of Google+, Analytics etc, verified our business and never really re-visited it after that.


A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start making use of the Google+ as I'm trying to raise more awareness to our existence. So I logged in as normal and did just that, made some posts about various things and began following various organisations. But I did it upon logging in, instead of logging in and then opening up my East Midlands Web Services location.


So now I have ended up with two profiles for the same business - one with old entries when accessed via us as one of the 15 locations, and the other with new entries which it turns out I have posted as us as the manager of the 15 locations.


My query is, can I merge these together as they are both me, and where would be best to access and manage them in the future?

Google has clearly identified that they are the same business because the round profile picture displays on both, and I only uploaded it to one.


Thanks in anticipation

Jane Street

East Midlands Web Services

One business has two google profiles

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Hi @Jane S


I noticed a similar problem (and solution) was discussed in another community thread here.


Also, here is quite a good step-by-step guide with troubleshooting tips.


I hope this is of some help.


Re: One business has two google profiles

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Many thanks for sending me the links and information. I'm still trying to
decipher which one to keep without upsetting things, but feel much more
informed. I'll keep reading, and again thanks so much!