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One address two businesses/departments

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So the company name and address is W&H Marriage & Sons but under this address is two departments Marriage's Feed and Marriage's Flour. One produces Animal Feeds and one produces Flour. The Flour/Feed mill is located at this address where both products are manufactured.


Is there anyway of adding these as departments under the above address? Each one has its own website but shares a central phone line that give options for feed/flour departments.


We do also have two Marriage's Country Stores but these have there own addresses and listing so no issues. 


Any help would be much appropriated. We would like people to be able to leave reviews separately for Feed or Flour.


Thanks you Gemma.

One address two businesses/departments

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HELP PLZ! (I'm not trying to hijack your thread), i just wanna know how i can start a thread? How can I make a post asking a question? I want to know if there is a way to add Search Keywords to your business listing.  Sure, this hotel shows up if you type it's Name in - Literally, but if you type in Blackheath Hotel, or Rowley Regis Hotel, it doesn't show up, at all, even though we are the only hotel in Rowley Regis/Blackheath. Surely that is something that can be edited and sorted so that you show up when someone just types into Google - 'Hotel in Blackheath' or "Hotel in Rowley Regis"  instead of every other Hotel in Surrounding towns showing up...

Re: One address two businesses/departments

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@HI T - start a new thread by clicking the + symbol, lower right of the screen when looking at the the list of forum posts.


@Gemma G


Here is the official info for setting up listings for departments:


Departments within other business, universities, or institutions

Departments within businesses, universities, hospitals, and government institutions may have their own listings on Google.

Publicly-facing departments that operate as distinct entities should have their own page. The exact name of each department must be different from that of the main business and that of other departments. Typically such departments have a separate customer entrance and should each have distinct categories. Their hours may sometimes differ from those of the main business.

  • Acceptable (as distinct listings):
    • "Walmart Vision Center"
    • "Sears Auto Center"
    • "Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology"
  • Not acceptable (as distinct listings):
    • The Apple products section of Best Buy
    • The hot food bar inside Whole Foods Market

For each department, the category that is the most representative of that department must be different from that of the main business and that of other departments.

  • The main business "Wells Fargo" has the category "Bank" whereas the department "Wells Fargo Advisors" has the category "Financial Consultant"
  • The main business "South Bay Toyota" has the category "Toyota Dealer" whereas the "South Bay Toyota Service & Parts" has the category "Auto Repair Shop" (plus the category "Auto Parts Store")
  • The main business "GetGo" has the category "Convenience Store" (plus the category "Sandwich Shop") whereas the department "GetGo Fuel" has the category "Gas Station", and the department "WetGo" has the category "Car Wash"


Basically, if you meet the criteria, you set up two separate listings with different categories.



Yan Gilbert, SEO Consultant & Analyst
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