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One GMB listing for multiple locations

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Jacobs Custom Living recently added a second location, so we created a new GMB listing for the new location and optimized it accordingly (or at least we're in the process of doing so). However, the business owner suggested there be just a SINGLE GMB listing for both locations. He is concerned someone who has found the listing for one location won't know about the other location.

I have explained the reason behind having two listings (maps, local search). Do we calm the owner's fears by ensuring both locations rank in map listings? Or is there some validity to this thinking?


Legacy location:

New location:

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Re: One GMB listing for multiple locations

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Hi C2 C

there's validity to both your arguments :)

Firstly, as you've pointed out you can not have a single GMB listing for both locations - by definition that would mean one location would not be listed on Maps, and therefore regardless of how much someone searches or how much optimisation you do, potential customers will never know about that other location, unless they go to the main website.

The owner is however correct that even with two listings a potential customer may only ever see one listing - and that is exactly as Google designed it. They want searchers to find the business that best suits their needs, and in many cases this means a business that is close to them. It is pointless (in Google's eyes) to show a searcher two locations of the same business - one of which may be 3 km away and the other one 20 km away - all else being equal of course.

If the owner wants to ensure that searchers know about the other location, when they see 'legacy location' or vice versa then that's where organic SEO optimisation needs to play a part.

I hope this helps!

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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