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Old business appears when searching for our business name

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We have 2 businesses that share the same address, but have 2 separate, verified Google Business pages. These are the 2 Businesses: Balboa Bay Resort & Balboa Bay Club. The issue we are having is that when you search for "Balboa Bay Club" on general search and Google Maps, the business page for Balboa Bay Resort is coming up. The only way to get the Balboa Bay Club page to appear is to search the "Balboa Bay Yacht Club" which is a different business with a different address. 


I am not sure why this is occurring but it seems to be more recent. We haven't made any changes to our websites or business listing information that would have caused this.


Any guidance is much appreciated.



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Re: Old business appears when searching for our business name

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Hi @Meredith V,

I think I found your problem. 

I'll have to start by explaining a little about 'the local search ecosystem'. 

When everything goes smoothly, you create your Google My Business profile, fill out your information, push go, and then you see your business in the knowledge panel, in the maps results, in the 3-pack and so on. It might superficially look like Google is taking your information and displaying it and calling it good, but that's not all that happens. 

Your Google My Business information isn't your way of telling Google what to display, it's your way of adding your voice to the mix of information Google is using to learn about your business. They also look at other 3rd party business directories (think Bing, Yelp, Facebook, etc) government records, even potentially street view photographs and signage. 

For a normal business, if Google looks and sees that they see one phone number on the owner's GMB listing and a few of the directories, and another phone number on a bunch of the other directories, Google will probably decide they don't trust the information they have on you and won't display your business as often. They may even change the phone number in your listing to match what they think it should be. 

In your case though, since you have two businesses, having accurate name, address, and phone number across the local search landscape is going to be extremely important. I did a little looking, and it looks like there's a lot of phone number and business names associated with that physical address. 

(949) 574-9368
(949) 630-4410
(949) 645-5000
(949) 630-4110

Balboa Bay Accounting
The Balboa Bay Club & Resort
Studio Six Salon at the Balboa Bay Club
Balboa Bay Accounting
Bayside Salon

I understand that it may seem strange that all of a sudden the search results started showing the wrong business for a given search, but looking at the state of your business(es) information online, I'm not surprised. You're going to want to do some clean up work for both of those business, especially for listings that have the incorrect business name with both club and resort in the title. My guess is that's the primary culprit. 

Citation cleanup work can be fairly complicated to try and do on your own, whitespark is a pretty good company you could use to help figure out what needs to be done. 

For a little more reading, Moz has an article giving you an overview of some of the concepts I talked about above. 

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