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Old business address and page still showing up on google search

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Hope somebody can help.


I have an issue with my business pages.  We have had our business for 17 years and last year opened another second shop with a similar name in a different location.  I set up a separate page listing for the newer shop.  As the newer place is much bigger we have spent money on having a google video done etc.  We recently sold on the smaller initial business as a going concern, however I still have full control over the listings until everything is finalised.  They have renamed the business as part of the agreement as we don't want affliation.  


I changed the name of the old business and altered the information details thinking that it would alter the search, but if I type into google it still comes up top of the search as our original business even though the name is different.  I've changed the name back for the time being, but would like now to take the listing down in a search so that the new shop only comes up in a search and allow the new owners of the old business to set up their own google account.


The old business is Contact Pets and Tackle


The new one is Contact Pets.


Both businesses have been verified.  


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks, 


Contact Pets




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March 2016

Re: Old business address and page still showing up on google search

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I requested a call from the GoogleMyBusiness team which was almost immediate and they have sorted the issue out for me. They have "moved" my old business and it's worked perfectly.

Cheers, Sarah.