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Not showing up on Google Maps

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I added my boyfriend's lawn service business to Google 3 months ago (under his gmail account) but it's still not showing up on Google Maps.  We have it listed under categories of Lawn Service, Landscaper, Snow Removal Service, and Tree Service


We have verified his business it when we received the postcard.  Saturday morning when I realized it still wasn't being shown, I modified the listing a little (added photos and a description) hoping that it would start displaying on Google maps - but it hasn't.  Can someone please tell me why?


Thank you

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Re: Not showing up on Google Maps

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Hi @Lindsey M

There's actually quite a few things that Google takes into account when deciding which businesses to display in a search. What a lot of those signals amount to, is how much faith Google has that the information they have on a business is accurate, and how well received the business is. One additional factor that's become a much bigger part of the equation in the last year though, is the business' website and how much authority and trust the website has in Google's eyes. 

I've very commonly seen businesses like yours, where the profile is verified and set up correctly, but not showing for common searches, even if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the last page in the maps. 

There's a few places I would start. First, start asking customers for reviews. I used this tool to make you this link, use it when asking customers for a review.

Second, the business appears to for the most part only exist on Google. There is no Yelp business page, no Facebook local business page, and so on. here's one place you can start for creating business listings. 

Next, I have seen very few businesses show well without a website. I realize that might be more of a project than you bargained for, but having a good website with good links pointing to it from other relevant sites is absolutely a big factor. Once you have a website, here is one starting place to brainstorm getting some links.

A small point, but I noticed you have your address publicly visible, but it appears to be a home address. If you don't accept walk-ins during business hours, you need to have your business set as a service area business.

It shouldn't take a ton of work to start getting at least some exposure within a few miles of your address (Google heavily weights geographic location when deciding who to display for which search) but sometimes (and in some industries) it's harder to earn Google's trust than you might expect, and I noticed you aren't even appearing for a brand name search. That might mean it will take a little more work than I'd normally expect to start getting some traction. Either way, there's a place to start at least. 

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Re: Not showing up on Google Maps

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Hi @Lindsey M


I do believe this is a case of lack of prominence Online.


Let me show you.


search for : Lawn care service grand island ne


lawn care service grand island ne   Google Search.png



If we then zoom in the business appears:


lawn care service grand island ne   Google Search 2.png



But if I zoom in on the area, the business page appears.


To give me a better understanding of the business as it appears online, I searched for the business name. There are no mentions of the business online apart from the G+ page itself.


-Miles Lawn Service   Snow Removal    Google Search.png



Which leads me to conclude that Google needs a few more signals about this business.


Some Evening reading:


So you want to build up a few more online mentions about the business, commonly refereed to as Business Citations ( there are links in the article ).


Build up some reviews from happy customers.




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