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No business categories for "Writer" or "Editor"

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Hi there,


I'm trying to complete my Google my Business signup, but I cannot do so because there is no business category that is even remotely relevant.


My business is writing and editing. 


I have searched the entire "categories_en_CA file," and there is not only no writer or editor, but also no copy writer, text editor, content creator, author, freelancer, writing consultant, book editor. Nothing.


So...should I choose "clairvoyant" or "fugu restaurant"?   ; )


Can anyone suggest a way for me to complete my registration?


Thanks for the help!

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November 2016

No business categories for "Writer" or "Editor"

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Google, by their own design, has somewhat incomplete categories. You need to pick a category that is "higher" in the organizational arrangement i.e. something that encompasses what you do like Marketing Consultant.


I get that it is not what you do but it encompasses what you do (or something similar does). Then you need to give Google other clear signals as to your true specific category. 


There are a number of ways to do this:

1-Make sure that your home page of your website describes what you do with Title Tags, Links and content

2- Be sure to use the words that you use to describe yourself as anchor text in the menus and the body copy of your home page

3- Add the correct category at sites that Google looks at and scrapes for category information like and others

4- Get links from other websites to your home page describing what you are and what you do

5- Consider rebranding your business to include the category of work that you do (if you do this be sure to file the name change with the government, phone company and other listing sites)

6- Get reviews at prominent sites like Yelp that describe what you do. 


I did notice that Google doesn't necessarily see your types of categories as essentially local in nature so often they don't show a Local Pack in the search results for these phrases.


It doesn't mean you shouldn't list your business it just means that the pack will not come up unless someone is searching on your brand name or there are lots of reviews at a place like Yelp. 



Re: No business categories for "Writer" or "Editor"

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Note how Google presents a Local search result on this search phrase: writing service downtown toronto on as it is illustrative


writing service downtown toronto on   Google Search.png

Re: No business categories for "Writer" or "Editor"

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Here is another search example on the search writing service vancouver that illustrates the points I made above:


writing service vancouver   Google Search.png

Re: No business categories for

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Wow, Mike: thanks for taking the time to do all that research and

Sounds like the process is quite different from what I perceived.

Lots to learn...


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