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No Reason Given for Suspension (not that old chestnut) :)

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My account was perfectly compliant last autumn when it was paused. When I came back to it recently it has been suspended for 'repeated violation of policy'. Google wouldnt tell me which policies so after spending 4 days working in the dark trying to sort it out (converting adds, removing campaigns that pointed to old site etc) they now tell me I wasted my time as they arent going to reinstate the site. 

I would have thought that a company of their size would have the social conscience to educate rather than punish. I genuinely dont have any idea what I have done wrong but at a stroke they have taken away 2/3 of my annual income.

I am not posting this to have a rant and I dont want any replies of other people having a rant - that isnt the purpose of this forum. I would however like someone from google to answer the questions below

My question is:

1.When there is no viable alternative to Google for search and so advertising (ie they have a monopoly), is it right to punish someone in such a severe way that it destroys their business instantly when they havent done anything Illegal, Underhand, Immoral - I havent spammed anyone in any way or tried to use 'black hat' techniques or gain any advantage over anyone else. 

2. Is it right that if I am to be punished in such a way I am not given a specific reason.?

3.I am not technically minded and with very limited funds am not able to employ agencies or employ technical staff in house therefore I have to get through the best way I can. What have Google gained by stopping me advertising and wouldnt it have been better to tell me what I did wrong rather than cast me out.

4. If I was a large adwords agency employing 100 people in the UK and a mistake was innocently made somewhere deep in a campaign that caused a repeated violation of Google adwords policy, would Google suspend the account and all associated accounts without notice (the effect would be to close the agency with the loss of 100 jobs) and then refuse to give a reason? You can smile as much as you want but the effect on me is equally as devastating. So the question is does Google treat small customers the same as larger customers?

I believe the answer is the Google would like to think it treats everyone equally but in practice a larger customer will have a different access level and so suspension would never happen unless the large agency deliberately broke the rules. As a smaller customer ... well I dont really matter its just one of millions of small accounts.

I hope someone from Google can give me some meaningful answers as it is the least I deserve when you have effectively eliminated my business and so my livelihood - that is how serious it is

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Re: No Reason Given for Suspension (not that old chestnut) :)

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This is not a direct reply to your question, but how can you expect any help or reply when you don't include any details.  While starting a new topic, it specifically mentions:


Please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Current telephone number
4. Google Maps URL
5. Website (if applicable)

None of which you have included.

No Reason Given for Suspension (not that old chestnut) :)

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If you had read my post you would also realise that none of the above information would be relevant to anyone who could provide informed answers to the questions that I raised.

With all due respect Shafak all I would have gained posting the information you list above would be an inbox full of spam from people saying that they could 'guarantee' to have my suspension lifted.

Thank you for your interest in my post but it would have been nice if you had contributed something of a positive nature.

No Reason Given for Suspension (not that old chestnut) :)

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@Mike W


With all due respect Mike but @Shafak was right to ask for the information IMHO.


And if you would search the forum for threads where I (or other TCs)  helped dozends of users to get their suspended listing reinstated you would for certain not have refused to provide the information Shafak asked you for.


Last but not least: this is  a peer to peer forum and Googl very rarely read and answer of such question as your above long wording question.

The goal of the most people here  is to help other users.

And regarding me and other TCs we helped a lot of people to get reinstated their suspended listings.

Wish you luck to get now your suspension lifted.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

No Reason Given for Suspension (not that old chestnut) :)

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Thanks for the information Helmut

The confusion has arisen because I am a new used. When I first posted there was nothing at the top of the post apart from a warning from Google not to post any personal information as it was a public forum.

Now I have posted another topic the site asked me to sign in with my Google account (which it didnt previously ask for) and it also said to include the information that Shafak mentioned in his post.

Once again thanks for you contribution.

Can I also apologise to Shafak - re above explanation