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Need to remove locations from Google Business Account Listing

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I have been able to finally verify my business and have access and able to make updates accordingly

I do need some assistance, with the following
Due to the numerous times, in trying to get the business verified, and address changes, there are an additional locations that I would like to remove. However, got scared when trying to remove the locations, that are not verified, and do not need, it had mentioned, about deleting the account.  I want to make sure that it is only deleting the location that I am selecting and will not impact my account, nor the business/location that is now verified
I get the following, when trying to remove the location, the location to delete Account,  although before proceeding, want to make sure that I am deleting/removing the location, not my Account, as the button that is presented states to Delete Account
Please HELP!!!
Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all its data.
Yes, I understand that I will no longer manage the content for the Google Account XXXXXXXXXXXX but that the associated business information may still appear on Google Maps, Google+ Local, Google Search, and elsewhere on Google.
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Need to remove locations from Google Business Account Listing

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I'd like to know the answer to this as well.


We have some duplicate business listings that we want to delete, but the language in the message above makes it sound like it would delete our entire Google Account!

Need to remove locations from Google Business Account Listing

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Update: We setup a test Google account and created two test locations. We then deleted one of the locations and it DID NOT delete our entire account, just the one location we chose to delete.


The wording on this page really needs to be updated. It should say Delete Location rather than Delete Account.

Re: Need to remove locations from Google Business Account Listing

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Hi @Chuck D & @David W


removing any listing from your dashboard will necassarily lead to screens liek below (I made it trying to delete one of my own pages "Geisslers G+ help" ) 2017-01-18 13-05-39.png


(note left sife the mentiond name of the listing and right side the link "Close or remove this listing")

Now click on "Close or remove this listing" - you very likely need to be signe in again to oyur account managing your dashboard. getting then this view 2017-01-18 13-10-18.png


this view tells you about what stuff you are going to delete - its the blue banner on top again metioning the name of the listing to delete.

And further more down the veiw thereare the three items to confirm.

selecting all three items and clicking the blue button "Delete account"  will delete (remove) your listing entirly form your dahsboard.

Will not delete anything else - not even your entir account.

Just doeblecheck before hit "Delet account the top blue banner wher they tell you what concrete listing tehy are going to delete from yor accout.

One more hint:


Using this feature for a listing being verified alrady will also remove it form your account but will not remove it from Google.


They tell you this on top of this HC article:


Quoting it: "You can remove a location from your account if you don't want to manage it anymore. You’ll no longer manage the location, but it will still appear on Google"



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