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Need functional links to send customers

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Powerworks Inspections
71 Camden Village Dr
Newnan, Ga. 30265
Not sure?????,-84.7510614,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4...


I started with Google my business. Google plus keeps trying to infiltrate. 

I have put a lot of work, (pictures, collections, videos) on my google business page.

I need good links to share with customers so they can add reviews or see my photo postings.


I cant tell what link works with customers because google shows me dif. stuff because I am administrator.  

If they end up on google plus page it seems worthless and all my work wasted.





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Re: Need functional links to send customers

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Hi @Richard D,


Take a look at this info and see if provides some help with this.


Also, the link on your website goes to a broken Google My Business page. You can use this:, which will be better than a broken link.


And you can use this Google URL link for your reviews:


Kind Regards,



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Re: Need functional links to send customers

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James thank you for trying to help.

1 " You can use this:,
which will be better than a broken link." This is heart of my problem. I
use google my business, which seems to be worthless or I don't understand.
The link above goes to a google plus page. Which has almost nothing about
me. If you hit Home it shows a bunch of other peoples stuff. No review
access here. Not sure what google plus is .

2 This link you provided seems to work. Is this something I can email
to past client for them to leave a review?

3 As far as the dead link on my web site you pointed out: I don't want
a google plus page as the link as I have nothing developed and I don't use
google plus. Also if they click on anything there there is nothing about me
or nothing filled in ( I post at google my business)

4 Trying to find a google link to my google my business reviews that
won't go dead. Seems impossible. I googled;" powerworks inspections google
my business reviews" and only got google plus crap. Google my business
seems to be an inaccessible place for the common person searching for a

If I go to google maps for powerworks inspections and try to use that link
on my web page it does not work for long before it becomes a dead link.

I am going mad with confusion. I post pictures, videos, reviews, and stuff
at google my business account yet I can find a link url whatever to send
out that people can follow , get there and see what I post. All things
lead to google plus it seems. Do I need to get ride of google my business
account and create a proper google plus?

You can see I am frustrated. I need someone who can reach down and speak to
me at my level. I don't understand what google plus is, or its connection
to google my business, or it seems what google my business is. I like
google my business. I can post pictures , videos ext easily. It fun and
simple. Unfortunately I don' t know how to find a link so I can share that
stuff with anyone.

So my friend James,
Please put on your coat of patients, grab a scotch on the rocks and see if
you can help this guy out who is trying to run his own business.

*Richard Dias*
PowerWorks Inspections
Nachi Home Inspector, Resnet HERS Rater, BPI Building Analyst