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Need To Have Defamatory Personal Attack Disguised as Review Removed

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6 months ago -

Loaned this loser $700, I hope he gets his life back on track, to this day he hasn't paid it back. He claimed he was injured, which was just a ploy, He's not injured, he is a schemer.


Hi. Pixel Wilderness / Kathleen Anderson - twice gave me cash when I was suddenly unemployed. What she wrote is wrong: it is hurtful, defamatory, and an attempt to discredit me and ruin my reputation. Asking how do I get Google My Business to remove this personal attack cloaked as a review?


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Liquid Fusion ® Music

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244 West 101st Street 4B NYNY 10025

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Need To Have Defamatory Personal Attack Disguised as Review Removed

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Reviews are provided with the purpose of describing people's interactions with the business. While it doesn't sound like this individual was a customer, it doesn't necessarily discredit her experience with you. 


From Google's standpoint, they're largely protected from anyone claiming libel or defamation, given the first amendment rights and case law being very permissive to those posting on the web. Google doesn't seek out determination of fact. If you had a court order to remove it, Google would comply. However, there's nothing in the text of this review that would indicate this person is violating guidelines. It will likely not be reviewed. 


You have two realistic options, as I see it. Ask customers to add reviews of their own on Google and other sites to "drown out" this one negative review. Additionally, you could contact this individual and ask her what you could do that would make her want to change the text of the review. 


Finally, and I don't recommend this, but since humans do look at flags to reviews, you could just have a bunch of people flag the review, and, perhaps eventually, you'll get a reviewer that makes a mistake and removes the review. 

Joel Headley, Google My Business Top Contributor
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