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Need Help Combining or Deleting Pages

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Over the past few years or so playing around with Google+, I created three pages before I decided on a final page for my business. However, when I created my last business page, I just discovered by accident that the other two pages are still online with Googe+.  First, it surprises me that I wasn't alerted by Google+ that these pages were still active, especially since the business name is the same.  Had there been an alert, I would have used a previously created page to edit into my final G+ business  page. I searched for "Combine Pages", nothing, I tried to delete the unwanted pages, but found info pertaining to developers which mentioned disconnecting my youtube channel. It should be a simple matter to delete these unwanted pages without interfering with youtube or combine them all into a single page. What am I missing here since frankly, it makes Google+ a mess  in trying to do what should be a simple task!


Here are the pages:


The Page I want to KEEP:


Unwanted Page, BUT would like to add the 44 followers to the above page, if possible:


Another Page I DON'T want, no followers:


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Re: Need Help Combining or Deleting Pages

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 first of all:

"playing around with Goolge" isn't good at all


secondly the "Page" you want to KEEP: isn't a PAGE at all but you can keep this personal account despite of its violating name - violating  Googles guidelines for personal profiles - dedicated to allow people to share things with friends

But I recommend changing its name to your personal name in order to be in compliance with Googles guidelines for personal profiles

thirdly: is what google call a brand page you can deleted it from your dashbaord

( using this HC article:


You can't transfer the followers of the brand page to your personal profile


Last but not least and about this page:

You also can delete it in case you are owning and managing it in your dashboard (

Note only the page owner of a page can delete any page from his dashboard (



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Need Help Combining or Deleting Pages

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So how do I turn my Personal Page (which I thought was a Business Page when I created it) into a Business Page without having to create a new one? I have no interest in having a personal page on Google+.
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Re: Need Help Combining or Deleting Pages

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Hi @Tea Herb M


You can't change a personal page into a business page and really in your case I don't think you need one anyway.


As you are an online business the only type of business page you are allowed on Google+ is a brand page - and that can't be found outside of Google+. You might as well keep using the personal page to connect within Google+ with people interested in your business.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Need Help Combining or Deleting Pages

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Thank you! Not only have you answered my question fully, you saved me a lot of time and trouble. I appreciate your help and again, thank you very much. Jane