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i stupidly changed my business name title from "business name | business category"

to just "business name". 

Shortly after, my local maps ranking drop from second place in my city to 17th and still dropping.

what can I do to fix this? Should restore the old name or just wait? If so how long will it be before I gain my position back?


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Hi @Joey W,

You are now in whats called the "Google Dance." It may take a few weeks to see the dancing stop. We have clients that have seen it take as long as 21 days before it normalized. I am not saying definitively this is will happen, but its been my experience as an agency. 

I would not change it back. Let it be for now and wait it out. That may only cause it to take even longer. Its frustrating, I know. Maybe there are other parts of your business marketing that you can do instead to keep you mind off the dance? Just a suggestion...:)

Hope that helps,
Best of success,

Wayne Clayton
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Thanks. Will wait it out! It was said it could take up to 12 months! I'll be happy with a month.