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My business page not showing up in search engines

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My business page is not showing up when I do a search through any search engine. I am only able to see my page if I login into my google account.




My Company name: Sb-Consultants

My Phone: 803-479-9898

My Business address: 4337 Trenholm Rd, Columbia Sc, 29206

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Re: My business page not showing up in search engines

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I see your page fine on my end. It doesn't pop up for many searches, but I did find a few that pulled it up. Type in 'Sb-Consultants SC' or 'Sb-Consultants Columbia' and it'll show your business. Without the city it pulled up the Knowledge Panel for a business in India instead of for yours. 

There's a few things you can do to help yourself show better. You shouldn't have to do much to out-show that Indian company for your brandname at least, though it might be tougher to go beyond that. (I noticed that in your city typing in 'credit restoration' pulls up the information for a company, instead of a list of companies... that can be a little challenging to unseat) it'd be hard to say more without knowing where you're hoping to show. 

To get yourself showing for your brand name at least, there's a lot of things you could fix. 
One your website, your site loads slow, you're not using your title tags well, you're not using h1 tags at all (use city + state abbreviation and maybe some keywords that are important as part of what you use there) you're not using image alt/title tags well, and you should embed a map on your contact page differently

I've literally never seen a website show so little on majestic SEO, I had to fuss a little for it to even say you had zero backlinks, instead of just throwing an error. There's a ton of ways to get other sites talking about you, but here's one place to look over to start the brainstorming. This well goes deep, and the more creatively you go at it the more effective it'll be... up to and including trying to becoming a source for bigger stories to do with credit restoration and such, but getting featured on the new york times is going to be a whole lot tougher than starting with that list I mentioned above. Get something at least and start there. 

I also didn't see much for citations. A citation is the other places on the internet that mention your business name, address (or you in your case city + state) and phone number. Generally that means having your business in industry directories, on facebook, on Yelp, that kind of thing. Some citations are worth more than others, so it's about quality vs quantity, and the right places to appear depend on the industry. I giant intro guide is here. The number one thing though is to make sure that you're saying the same things about your business everywhere. I noticed you're using a PO box as your address on facebook, that's no bueno in my view, though I know some have had success having hidden address in some places and PO boxes in others. 

Anyway, hope that answered some questions at least. You shouldn't have to do much of the above before you start beating out that company in India, and I wouldn't go beyond that unless you had a clear idea of what you're trying to achieve and where else you're hoping to show up. Good luck!

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