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My business listing suspended

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My name is Miaad Aalshaeai (Mike)

my business is locksmith is called Under Lock and Key

Address: 1339 peach ave, El cajon, CA 92021


phone: 6198471885

LIC# 13217

i have been a locksmith for 5 years, and i was listed on google maps for almost 4 years, i had good reviews. google delisted me more than a month ago, they called and asked about the email associated with my business, i did not remember the email address back then so i gave them my business email( then sent me an email to verify my business, then i went through the verification process, next day they de listed me, however i started over and claimed my business, i got the verification code today but when i entered it i got the message saying that my listing is suspended due to quality issue, can you please tell what does it mean and how can i fix it.


Under Lock and Key

Re: My business listing suspended

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@Miaad A 


I am confused by your website, you are locksmith but you are also towing service with roadside assistance. Your business is open 24/7. GMaps Street View shows your residence, doesn't indicate any of this, or the presence of a tow truck for roadside assistance.


GMaps Street View


Your license number 13217 shows it expired on 5/31/2014 on CA. Gov Breeze


expired locksmith license.jpg