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My business is not showing up on Google Maps when searched by keywords

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I listed my business and verified it awhile ago on Google Maps and I am still unable to see it come up on Maps. I re-verified it again at the beginning of the year, and still, when I search "Decatur Indiana Photographer", I am no where on the Maps. But if I search my business name "A Memory In Time Photography" I am on the map. I have already checked my keywords and have checked all articles mentioned on previous posts to correct this problem, but I am still unable to see my business on the Maps when searching keywords. Is there something that I have done wrong?


Amber -

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My business is not showing up on Google Maps when searched by keywords

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Hi Amber, 


When I looked up "Decatur Indiana Photographer" in Google Maps, I didn't see you anywhere until I zoomed the map a little bit, then you appeared. Generally that means your business is being filtered out from an update Google made last September. Usually it happens when there are two businesses right next to each other, Google prefers to only show one. In your case though, I think there's something else going on. 

Looks like you just dove in headfirst with the online marketing, right? You're making a lot of the right moves. You've been asking for reviews, and your new website looks good. I'd have someone look at optimizing your images though, your home page is 55 megs... that's crazy, page load speed is one of the things Google takes into account. It doesn't look like any other sites are linking to yours either, I'd start working on that too. As a photographer, you've got a lot more options open to you than most when it comes to getting links from relevant sites. Everything from volunteering to getting your work featured. I'd suggest making a plan to do some link building over the next 12 months, and keep an eye on your listing. New businesses usually take quite a while to start showing up. Did you recently create your GMB listing, or is that relatively new as well? 

Either way, look at Google as part of your long term strategy. Your work will pay off, but it will take a little while. Good luck. 

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Re: My business is not showing up on Google Maps when searched by keywords

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I believe something is off with the address formatting that is causing this because your Knowledge Panel says you're in Indiana and usually this lists the city (not in your case).  It defaults to the state when the area you fall into isn't inside the city borders so I'm guessing your address might fall right outside of Decatur. I can't confirm this without knowing your address though.


In addition to the loading speed, your site is also missing a bunch of SEO elements that help it rank.  For starters, your homepage has no content on it.  Whatever is in the middle of the page didn't load for me when I tried pulling it up but without content it's going to be very hard to rank anywhere.

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