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My business is not showing local listing when searched by keywords

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1. Full Business Name: Gemini Thermo HVAC
2. Current business address: 119 Schenectady Ave, Brooklyn NY 11213
3. Current telephone number: (718) 690-3718

4. Google maps url:,-73.9331543,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:...

5. Website:
6. G+
7. G+ Primary category: HVAC Contractor
Additional categories: Air Conditioning Contractor, Air Conditioning Repair Service, Refrigerator Repair Service, Heating Contractor, Commercial Refrigeration, Air Duct Cleaning Service

Our website has been up and running, sitemap submitted to Google, verified and listed on Google Business Map listings for over 9 months. Yet it is practically invisible on Google local listings. I am using chrome-developer tools-custom geolocation to search Google from our exact business location where the proximity should at least show us on the map. I have all the elements of site and page optimization in place with NAP on every page, keywords in all required places, etc. Still we do not show practically at all.

I have searched many, many keywords from our exact geolocation and for most we are nowhere on the list. For some keywords there may only be 3 or 4 listings, yet still we're not listed - searching right at our location. Sometimes there 100-200 listings and we're nowhere, but if we are on the list it's way at the bottom, and there will be listings above us that don't even have a website.

I am aware of some 200 various seo factors. Everything on our site should is good order, at least enough to get listed in our immediate vicinity. I have another site for another business with the same setup which does well. I don't know if it's because both businesses are at the same address ? We run 2 different businesses from the same address. But they both have different phone numbers, websites, map listings, etc. - it shouldn't be a problem.

These keywords are the only 2 where we showed on top (searching from our geolocation): hvac service, air conditioning service

These are examples of keywords with few listings, yet we're not listed: hvac contractor, hvac technician, commercial hvac, commercial refrigeration, hvac system, ductless air conditioner, ventilation, heating system, ductwork, air conditioning installers no listing

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My business is not showing local listing when searched by keywords

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I get oyu for "HVAC Contractor" near Brooklyn 11213

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My business is not showing local listing when searched by keywords

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I am seeing that if you add 'near brooklyn 11213' as you have to any search term we do show up. However, if you specify the location with 'use precise location' at the bottom of the search page (and add custom geolocation coordinates using developer tools), you can see the results people get when searching from nearby our business in zip code 11213. 

The same search as simply 'hvac contractor' gives a much different result. We are on the list but at #13. And for many terms like the following examples we don't show at all; I figure we should at least be somewhere on the list when the search is being done right in our neighborhood:

hvac system, heating system, ductwork, ductless air conditioner, ventilation, heating system, air conditioning installers