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My Verified Business is not showing up in google search

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1. Full business name: Gentry Place
2. Current business address: 4480 State Hwy 276 Rockwall, TX 75032
3. Current telephone number: 972-880-4297
4. Google Maps URL:,-96.381275,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc2a8a...




I have been trying to help my grandparents get their business (info above) on google. If I search for their business name, it comes up, but if I search for keywords such as "storage rockwall texas" they do not show up on the map at all. I understand they you probably have to pay to be one of the first names on the list, but to not show up at all? I have verified the business over the phone and have a "Google Business Verification Code". Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



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My Verified Business is not showing up in google search

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Sorry I can't help but am having the same kind of issues in that my business was and has been showing for over 6 months but does not come up on the listing at all now. 

Will be intested to see replies.



Re: My Verified Business is not showing up in google search

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Well it is nice to know that someone is in the same boat with me! It has only been a couple weeks for me.

My Verified Business is not showing up in google search

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Hi Bill,



Ads can show up at the top of search results, but, from Google's perspective, you don't pay to show up first in organic search results. After searching [storage facilities] and then zooming in close to the location of Gentry Place the listing does appear in search results:,-96.3843522,16.29z


Essentially, there's a more prominent (by Google's measure) business that's nearly right on top of your grandparents' business. Since the businesses basically match other dimensions (location and category), Google chooses the more prominent location to be shown on the map. 


In your case, that just happens to be BTA Self Storage. 


Ultimately, you'll want to encourage your grandparents to ask their clients to start reviewing them on the web. Simply adding the location to Yelp is a good start and may help the business. But getting folks to review the location will likely help immensely. Try to do this slowly. That is, don't send an email to people to have them review the business all on the same day. Space it out over a few weeks or months. And then try to make asking for reviews a regular habit. 


Finally, a website would probably help too. If the business has additional ties to the community, getting those community websites to link to a website for Gentry Place is going to help too. (Don't buy links, but just try to represent the real world connections the business or your family has on the web).


I hope those tips help!

Joel Headley, Google My Business Top Contributor
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