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My Verified Business is not show up in google search

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I'm managing a my business page for Tapp.Technology, a video production service, and I wonder if their url has anything to do with them not yet appearing in search results. The actual url is "Tapp.Technology" - no .com or .org, etc. I've read some of the other posts on this issue and this page, while relatively new seems to have everything it needs. In contrast, I manage another page for a Pilates Studio with a typical ".com" address that rose right to the top of the my business listings within a week. Thoughts?


Full business name: Tapp.Technology
2. Current business address: 50 Maple St., Portland, ME
3. Current telephone number: 207-415-7167
4. Google+ URL

My Verified Business is not show up in google search

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Badged Google Partner

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