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My Google Restaurant Menu needs to be changed

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The menu that shows up on Google has not been updated and I have customers calling daily for items that I no longer provide. I need to find out how to remove items from the menu. My website has been updated for almost 8-9 months now. Thanks for the help.

My Google Restaurant Menu needs to be changed

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Hi @Jay M


Where is this menu appearing? As an image alongside the business listing?


If so and you've added the image, you should be able to remove it.


If a customer added the image, you can try this:


View all the photos, select the one you want removed, click the 3-dot menu and choose 'Report a Problem'.

On the next screen you can choose 'Content is not relevant to this location' and submit a report.


This might result in the photo being removed and is worth a try at least.


In the 2nd case I'd also suggest uploading a new, high quality image directly via your GMB admin panel.




If I'm off track here, please provide a bit more information so either myself or someone else from the community can help you.

My Google Restaurant Menu needs to be changed

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I have same problem. Menu is very old. It's not an image. It's when you select menu option on the listing that comes up from doing a search of name. 

My Google Restaurant Menu needs to be changed

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Dennis please start your own Post, click on the red circle.


We are volunteers and need this information if we are to help you

Can you share
Business Name
Phone no
Are you a shop front business or one that goes and does contract work at the client?
A screen shot of your GmB Edit screen

Screen shot method thanks to Helmut

We need to see URLs for the duplicate search results and
any Maps listings you refer to for Place markers.

Any links to steetview or maps problems as well will help.