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My Business won't show up in listings?

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I have verified my business, it is High Class Housecleaning located in Honolulu, hawaii, 96722. I have it listed as an area based service 100 miles around my address yet it doesn't show up at all for "House cleaning honolulu" what gives?


Is it better to use a physical address?

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Re: My Business won't show up in listings?

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Google decides to show a listing in search on a key phrase search based on
Location of the searcher
Location of the business
Relevance of the business relative to others
Prominence of the business relative to others

Showing your address will likely not help and it might hurt if you are located in a residential neighborhood.

Trust is established by Google based on signals from across the web like age of business, quality of website and having your listing at sites that have verified your listing.

On that front having a website that is broken or not working like yours is a huge impediment. You need to fix it asap.

Once you have fixed it, you should submit your business to a service like Moz local to be sure that your business is listed at the data suppliers Google looks at.

After that you want o be sure that your website is clear about what you do and where you do it as that is a relevance signal to Google.

Reviews from your customers at Google, Yelp and other review sites are another relevance signal that will help your relevance vis a vis your competitors.

Prominence is a function of getting links to your website from trusted local websites like the Chamber of Commerce, the BBB and other high quality local sites.

As a note, setting your radius to 100 miles is counter productive. Google will only show your listing in the immediate area of your location.

Re: My Business won't show up in listings?

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Hi Mike thanks for your detailed reply,

My first concern is that according to Google, for a service-area business that doesn't have an actual storefront, they say setting a radius around your location is the proper way to do it. I don't understand how I can effectively have my search show up in the target areas if only people in the immediate area of my address can see me. This was an issue before as well, when I used a physical address instead of a service area radius. I got one single call from someone who happened to live within a mile of that address... and that was it.

I understand the website issue, but even when it was up and running I still wasn't getting listed for anyone searching up housecleaning. And not to mention a whole bunch of businesses show up who aren't even open for business or have websites or listings either, very obscure ones Ive never heard about.

Do you know how I can effectively show up in searches at least in a 30 mile radius from where I am located?

Re: My Business won't show up in listings?

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Regardless of the radius you set Google determines the radius you are shown for in the pack based on industry density. Generally its 3-7 miles but could be more if there are few in your industry and less if there are lots. You can set the radius to 30, its just unlikely to show you for that in Local Search.

Typically the way to attack markets outside of your immediate vicinity is by either optimizing your web pages for those geographies so you show up in organic search, by using adwords or by setting up a physical office there. But you need to dominate your back yard before you conquer the world.

First step is to get your website up and running. Google will definitely NOT show broken websites. Once it is up then they will show you IF you have enough relevance and prominence. So get it running and then start getting links and mentions of your business in the media etc.

As for bogus or fake listing, you can report them via Google Maps as closed or non existent.