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My Business receiving slanderous/negative False reviews from competitors HELP.

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Here is my business listing on google:

(please google City Spice London and mine should come up)


It has been receiving false reviews form business competitors which are lies and this has been happening for the past 5 months, I try and flag/report these reviews but nothing happens and I get no response as to the decision of removing a review. I've tried everything, even contacting the Google play store just to get some from of contact details to contact the google My Business team, instead I was told to put my thoughts here and hope a member of the Google team would respond...


You can tell the reviews are "fake" as when you click onto the Google+ profile of the person they only make one contribution EVER which is a negative review to my business.


This is hurting my business profoundly, why should Google have a review based system, if they have no method of contacting them to dispute false and deceitful reviews?


Please advise as to how I can remove the following false reviews as they were written by business competitors: (name of reviewer)


"Ryan Muller"

"Saleem Mughal"

"Johnathan Lam"

"Notorius McGregor"


Whats the worst thing about all this is that there is no way of voting whether a review is helpful or not. yet google seems to make these reviews which are the negative ones the most helpful reviews....


If a member of a Google team is reading this: please help me and contact me via my email at :


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Re: My Business receiving slanderous/negative False reviews from competitors HELP.

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Hi @Abdul A


I am sorry to tell you this but Google My Business is the absolute worst site at managing reviews.


Unless they can find a spammy connection with the reviewers account, swearing or racial abuse, it will be very very tough to remove.


Even when people have admitted they paid for fake reviews, Google has not removed them ... go figure?.


The process:


Flag the reviews in your dashboard.


Wait 7 days >> Then contact business support and report the reviews.


If they still do not remove ( Because you are in the UK )


Then you can send a solicitors letter to Google UK, requesting removal of libelous reviews and the names and address of the user that posted the reviews.


Sorry it was not better news.





Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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